Herbalife Price List: Where Can You Get Herbalife Price List?

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Herbalife Price List is so confusing.

This is the common feedback that I’ve gotten when I showed Herbalife price list to my potential prospects. Well, when I think back the first time I looked at Herbalife price list, I also encounter the same problem too. But, no worries. It is small matter and it just take a little explanation and you can easily understand about the Herbalife price list so that you can make a wise decision before investing into your own health.

2 Types of Herbalife Price List

  1. Retailing price list – This Herbalife price list basically showing the suggested selling price to customers. So, when customers look at this particular price list, it is very straight forward and easy to understand because it is just showing 1 price.
  2. Distributor Herbalife price list – Also known as Wholesale Price. Inside Herbalife price list, there are several columns. Herbalife Price ListAs a registered Herbalife distributor, you will get to enjoy wholesale price. And to be able to enjoy more discounts, the volume of products that you are purchasing directly from Herbalife company will be accumulated for you to move to different position to enjoy more discounts. You know, is like collecting points to enjoy more discounts. Simple.

From Herbalife Price List, how can I enjoy wholesale price?

If you are applying to be a Herbalife distributor, you will be entitled for wholesale price starting 25%. You are NOT required to do the business. You can use the distributorship to enjoy on the wholesale price. The registration fee is one time fee and it cost RM98.00 only. There will be an annual renewal fee of RM38 for Distributor, Senior Consultant, Success Builder and RM170 for Supervisor.

How do I know which Herbalife price list to start with?

Simple. If you are a first timer, still in decisive about how the products can help you in achieving the results you are looking for, my suggestion is to opt for Retailing Price. It is because by choosing the retailing price, you will enjoy a very good benefit which I would called it the No-Brainer guarantee. Herbalife company and we the Herbalife distributor is confident with our products. So, it would be fair that if you don’t like our products for whatsoever reasons, you can get your 30-day money-back guarantee. Put it this way, you got nothing to lose to try our products and if you are not satisfied with our products, you get your money back. I have been in this business for several years, and I can tell you, our customers just love our Herbalife products.

How about Wholesale price? This Herbalife price list looks more interesting.

Definitely this Herbalife price list is more interesting compared to the retailing price list. Why? This Herbalife price list is going to save you a lot in long run and that makes the products affordable to consume. My suggestion, apply and register yourself as a distributor to enjoy wholesale price only if you are confident with our Herbalife products.

Do I need to buy in bulk or can I purchase as when I needed the products?

You DO NOT need to purchase in bulk. You can purchase as when you needed the products.

Let me summarize about Herbalife Price List:

Retailing price – Suitable for first timer.

Wholesale price - Suitable for consumers who are confident with Herbalife products, serious and wanted to make a change to their body weight, body shape and also health. If you want results, go for this option.

From both Herbalife price list, you got nothing to lose. So, you’ve nothing to hold you back from getting yourself started with the products. Why not take a look at both Herbalife price list? Contact me NOW to request for Herbalife price list.

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